It's not 'if' but 'how' we can work with you

Drone Around’s hi-tech drones take any industry to the next level by fitting in with business processes to deliver maximum returns on investment.

We take care of the whole implementation process and ongoing management. Our state of the art drone hardware and software can plug right into your existing systems.

We are confident we can show you it is not about the cost, but rather the savings.


Entice buyers and investors with beautiful aerial footage

Diagnose dangerous problems lurking out of sight in inaccessible locations

Make a site manager’s work easier with less manpower

As a project manager you can’t see everywhere on the site. We allow full visibility and documentation for whenever needed.

Safeguard your investments with periodical progress documentation

Protect your employees by letting a drone go to those dangerous places

Improve efficiencies with less manpower

Our drones capture both still photos and video assets for management to work with and present.

Assess widespread areas affected by storm and flood damage

Safely inspect roof and building damage

Get close to fire damage without disturbing the debrit

We deploy, inspect and deliver with the accuracy needed for insurance inspections.

Periodically review crop variability and vulnerability

Real-time, in-field overviews and insights

Integration with mechanical farming equipment

Improve your bottom line, save time, increase accuracy and improve environmental impact.

Periodical solar panel inspections

Pre construction surveys of solar sites

Thermal imaging after installation

We have refined services to be leaders in working with solar suppliers and installers.